Lazy Hacks for Keeping Your Apartment Clean

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I am definitely not a neat freak. I’m not super messy – I do my dishes frequently, generally pick up after myself, and own a vacuum – but I hate scrubbing my shower and laundry literally never gets put away the same day (or, ahem, week) that I do it.

I’ve been #adulting for going on 7 years now and I’ve had to learn how to get motivated enough to keep my apartment clean(ish) on a regular basis. Between trying to kick ass at work, get enough sleep, work out, eat healthy, take care of my pupper, and unwind at home, cleaning my apartment sounds just dreadful.

I’ve learned over time that doing a little bit every day improves the baseline cleanliness of my place. I’ve also learned that I’m more productive and happy when I keep my place clean. Because of this, I prioritize it a little more without becoming a neat freak.

These are my lazy hacks to keep my apartment clean-ish and just a couple steps away from being spotless & ready for anyone to drop by unannounced!

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Make your bed every day

My room immediately goes from feeling sloppy to almost put together just by making my bed. It takes like 3 minutes. Just do it.

Wipe down surfaces every day

Kitchen counters. Bathroom counters. Sink.

It’s not so hard when I list it out, right? Buy some Clorox Wipes and do a quick wipe-down as part of your evening routine. It’ll take you approximately 2 minutes.

Pick up your surfaces

I have a desk, coffee table, bookshelves, dresser, dining table, and countertops that just accumulate junk. Mail, keys, sunglasses, things I need to handle later, jewelry, and all sorts of other things crowd and clutter my sightlines.

Pick that s%!# up. If you clean off your surfaces, your place will feel immediately brighter and cleaner. If you have your bed made, your surfaces cleaned, and your surfaces decluttered, you’re really like 90% on the way to having a clean apartment.

If you’re gonna do nothing else, do these three things!

Do your dishes while your coffee brews

Or while you do something else in the kitchen: wait for your pasta water to boil, blend your morning kale smoothie, make your toast, whatever.

Multi-tasking makes it feel less annoying and less like a chore.

Do this every day and it’ll keep your sink clear. First, unload your dishwasher. Then load it! Then eat that toast. All in? 3 minutes.

Invest in a Swiffer Sweep+Vac

This little vacuum is the best. If your apartment is carpeted, this won’t really apply to you. However, with wood or linoleum floors, this vacuum is fantastic.

It is ultra-light, rechargeable, and both sweeps AND vacuums. I can tidy up my apartment’s floor’s in about 5 minutes, probably less. It’s so much easier and quieter than using a full-sized vacuum. It doesn’t do as good of a job as a vacuum but it’s basically replaced my Roomba and manages all the fur that my dog sheds.

Invest in a disposable toilet cleaning system

Y’all, toilets are gross. I hate cleaning toilets and I never know what to do with the nasty toilet brush after scrubbing a toilet.

I discovered the Clorox Disposable ToiletWand and it is A-MAZ-ING. It sits next to my toilet and makes quick work of cleaning the bowl. After a few wipes, I just drop the disposable brush head in the toilet. Easy. Not gross. Win-win.

Between cleanings, I use a gel toilet stamp. It keeps the bowl smelling nice and clean AND it helps keep it clean, too.

Fold your laundry while being lazy

I dump my freshly dried laundry onto my couch and fold it while binging Netflix. I get to be lazy, which is awesome, and my laundry gets folded. Between episodes, put it away. And then pat yourself on the back for actually putting your laundry away (I know I do).

Buy a second set of sheets

It’ll make changing your bedding so much easier if you don’t also have to do laundry, too.

Spray down your shower a few times a week when you get out

I hate scrubbing the shower.

HATE it. Which means I probably don’t do it as much as I should.

But then I discovered this natural, plant-based shower cleaner and my woes cleared up just a teensy bit.

It actually smells nice instead of like a toxic chemical death and doesn’t require scrubbing. Just spray your shower down when you get out and continue on your merry way. This stuff will work its magic.

Invite friends over

I am a cleaning MACHINE when I know I have guests coming over. It makes it so I can’t procrastinate anymore and I suddenly get super motivated to clean up. Maybe this doesn’t work for everyone, but if my place starts to get gross, I just text some friends to play Cards Against Humanity and then I get to cleaning.

Follow the 1-minute rule

If it can be done in 1 minute, do it now. Do it when you think of it. Don’t postpone it and wait to do it later.

If you see something and think “I should put that away”, then put it away.

If you think your countertops look gross, wipe them down.

Don’t postpone small things. Just do it, and watch how quickly your apartment comes together.

Do something during commercials

Apparently Hulu Commercial-Free now has some commercials, so no excuses even if you’re bougie.

Committed to Netflix? Do something when Netflix asks if you’re still watching.

Get up and clean your surfaces. Put a load of laundry in the washer. Sweep up your floor. Whatever. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just do something.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll get into a rhythm and do more than one something. Maybe even like 5 somethings.

And, voila!

A cleaner apartment.

More than anything else, do a little bit every day

Just a little bit. Some days will be a lot less and some days will be a lot more. That’s ok! But get in the habit of doing a little bit, and your place will stay cleaner and you’ll be happier.

Do you have any other lazy hacks for keeping your apartment clean? Share them below!

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