9 FREE exercises you can DO AT HOME!

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I don’t like going to a gym to workout.

For one, it can get expensive. Despite the price, 63% of those with gym memberships don’t even use them! Clocking in at around $700 a year, that’s such a waste of money!

On top of that, I personally find gyms intimidating. There are so many people who look like they know what they’re doing and then there’s me, reading the directions on the bicep curl machine.

Finally, I’m a bit lazy and don’t want to have to drive somewhere to work out when I already don’t like working out.

It doesn’t matter why you want to avoid the gym. Maybe it’s the cost, maybe you’re stuck at home for whatever reason, or maybe you just want to workout in the comfort of your own space.

With these FREE resources, you can get your sweat in – right at home!


There are literally hundreds of free videos on YouTube for refining your yoga practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi: you can find everything you need online. Just pull out your mat and get sweating!

Free Exercises to Do At Home - Yoga


Zumba is literally the first workout I ever discovered that I enjoyed. I really, really hate running. Like REALLY hate it. I tried to get into it but couldn’t and felt like a failure.

Zumba is great if you want a cardio workout that is actually fun. All you have to do is search what kind of music you want and the total time and, voila! A free workout.

Stair Climbing

No video needed for this workout. If you have stairs in your home or apartment complex, you can just take the stairs to get a workout! Set a timer on your phone to create a goal to keep yourself accountable.

If you want to add a little bit of resistance, strap on a backpack and add heavier items – like bottled water – to the pack to make it just a bit more intense.


Ab workouts can be pretty quick because focusing on one muscle group means they will get exhausted faster. A 15-30 minute focused ab exercise will almost certainly make it hurt to laugh or sneeze the next day. But that means it’s effective!

“Shadow Boxing”

“Shadow boxing” is when you box in the air without hitting a punching bag. It’s not quite as good of a workout as hitting a bag but it’s still going to be a full-body workout!

With 15-30 minute workouts, these are quick and effective home exercises!

Again, Youtube has a ton of options. Maybe you could pair this with your yoga workout above!

Free Exercises to Do At Home - Shadow Boxing

Calisthenics aka Body Weight Exercises

I think calisthenics is a more “traditional” workout. Calisthenics use your own weight to create a workout. They may include things like squats, pushups, sit-ups, and the like. If you want to build muscle mass at home without literally any equipment, body weight workouts may be your thing.

Here are some free options to check out!


Tabata is technically supposed to be an intense 4-minute exercise. Yes, literally just 4 minutes, just a bit longer than your favorite song.

4 minutes. Anyone can do 4 minutes!

YouTube is a mixed bag of 4-minute and 30-minute Tabata exercises. For a true 4-minute Tabata experience, this video is a great option. If you want more options (including longer options!), you can find some here.

Flexibility Training

Do you struggle to touch your toes? Do you want to learn how to do the splits? Are you somewhere in-between?

Well, flexibility training may be a great option! You can take a generic flexibility class, train your splits, learn to touch your toes, or anything in-between!

Free Exercises to Do At Home - Flexibility

Guided Stretching

Guided stretching and yoga aren’t exactly the same, but they do have some overlap. If you’ve been sitting all day or woke up sore, some guided stretching will help relax your muscles. It’s also good to stretch after any workout, so these Youtube videos are great options following any of the workouts on this list!

I hope this list shows that you don’t need a pricey gym membership or fancy equipment to get in shape at home. With these 9 ideas, you can keep your workouts fresh and interesting without spending a dime!

And don’t forget – diet is an important component of fitness, too. If you need veggie inspiration, read my guide on how to add veggies to your diet with minimal effort!

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