The 13 Best Kitchen Gadgets For Lazy Cooks

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We are all strapped for time.  After working a full day at work, do you really want to come home and prepare a dinner? That’s how I feel, at least.  I don’t really like cooking so I try to find hacks to make my life just a bit easier.

Every gadget on this list has been tried and vetted by me.  I love all of them and they have made my life easier over and over again.  If you’re looking for some of the best kitchen gadgets that will make your life just a teensy bit easier, this list is for you.

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An Avocado Vault

Millennials apparently can’t afford houses because of avocado toast – which means the responsible thing to do is to preserve your avocados! This little device helps a sliced avocado last longer and not get icky and brown.

A 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

An average of 24 people get sent to the ER EVERY DAY from avocado related injuries.  This device will make your avocado toast experience safer and easier.

A Guacamole Prokeeper

Yes, I’m a Millennial.  Yes, I love avocados.  But brown guacamole is gross.  This bowl creates an air-tight seal so your guac stays f resh for longer.

An Airfryer

Chicken tenders, tots, and even veggies will get crispy and delicious in this guy.  Keep your fan on, though – it may set off your smoke detector.

Silicone Egg Poachers

Poached eggs are delicious but intimidating.  These egg poachers give me pretty poached eggs in just minutes – with almost no effort.

A Rice Cooker

Cooking rice on the stovetop is weirdly difficult, at least for me.  This rice cooker makes it effortless.  Bonus, it works for quinoa and steamed veggies, too!

An Instant Pot

If you’re willing to spend a little more money, splurge on an Instant Pot.  It makes rice and so much more.  Your cooking times can be cut by as much as 6 with this nifty device!

A Home Iced Coffee Maker

If you buy an iced coffee every day you work, that adds up to over $800 a year!  Save your money and make it at home.

A Grease Splatter Screen

Nothing is worse than waking up to make breakfast and getting hit with some scalding bacon grease.  Cover your frying pan with these and cook shirtless!

Sistema Food Containers

Buying lunch everyday adds up quick.  Sistema makes some awesome containers for packing everything you can imagine – soup, pasta, sandwiches, eggs, and more.  Save money and bring your own lunch!

A Watermelon Slicer

I know, this thing looks gimmicky, but it really works.  I can cut up a large watermelon into cute little squares in just a couple minutes with this tool.  Summer barbecues rejoice!

A Microwave Omelette Maker

Make a super delicious & filling meal right in the microwave with this omelette maker.  Just whip up some eggs, add some fillings, and pop it in the microwave.  Breakfast has never been easier!


FreshWorks Produce Saver

I feel like produce expires faster when you pay for it.  These tubs help slow the aging of lettuce and berries so your produce lasts longer!

These are my favorite kitchen gadgets!

Do you have some favorites that I didn’t include here? Share the love and comment below!

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