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Things that you wish you learned:

Welcome to Adulting Crash Course!

A no-nonsense website for everything you wish you learned in school but didn’t and now have to deal with as an adult.

Let’s be honest: we are all faking it.  All of us.  The thirty-somethings.  Probably the forty-somethings.  Definitely the twenty-somethings.  Even if you feel lost, trust me: you are good at something adulty.  Maybe you workout consistently, or are a fantastic cook, or are one of the few people who actually knows how to fold a fitted sheet.

But I’m sure you struggle with something.

Maybe you have a retirement account but eat Chinese take-out 3 days a week.  Maybe you get up at 5:00 am every day and workout but leave all your laundry in the dryer for days (or get it from the dryer but take it to your token laundry chair for days… or weeks).  Maybe you know how to make a roast chicken but have no idea how to get health insurance on your own.

This website is for you: a collection of straightforward adulting tips ranging from personal finance to how to make a doctor’s appointment.

Adulting sucks, we we try and make it suck a little less.

It's tax season! Don't fret - taxes are easy.

Everyone can do their own taxes. Even you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent graduate, just recently moved out, bad at math, a first-time filer, or just plain scared of doing your taxes.  This complete guide breaks it down so ANYONE can do their own taxes – successfully AND easily!

Personal Finance

Saving for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. Read how a 401(k) works in simple terms – from Roth vs. Traditional to employer matching and more.

WTF is a tax rate and how does it help you figure out what you owe Uncle Sam? Here’s the difference between tax brackets & tax rates!

Food & Drink

It doesn’t matter if you don’t really like cooking (or aren’t very good at it).  These are the best kitchen gadgets for any type of cook!

You don’t need to eat salads to eat your veggies.  With these tricks, you can add veggies to your favorite meals – pasta, tacos, and more!

Home & Lifestyle

It’s ok if you’re a little bit lazy.  It’s ok if you hate cleaning.  With these hacks, you can keep your apartment clean with minimal effort!

Making friends as an adult is HARD. It was easy in school, but not anymore. With these 8 tips, you’ll easily make friends after graduating college!

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